Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1902 corset part #2.

Where to begin?
In my first 1902 corset post I ended with finishing the re-drafted pattern.
After getting the pattern ready I had to decide what type of fabric I wanted it to be made out of.
You can use anything from silk, wool or cotton to construct a corset.
I chose some lovely cream colored twill.

You really only need to line a corset if you are making it out of something light weight like silk, or cashmere, but I decided that I would line it anyway. So I wouldn't need to get twill tape for the boning channels.

On the outer seems I decide to do french seems. It takes longer but it makes it look much better. Plus it gives the corset added strength. I did regular seems on the lining. Once I had the outside and lining done I had to wait a few weeks before we where able to order the boning and other needed supplies.
The supplies arrived and I was able to get back to work.

Marking for the busk. It takes time. If you take that time and do it right, it pays off!!

The gaps where the hook side of the busk go through.

Top stitching for the hook side.

The finished hook side of the busk.

The entire busk complete.

Base stitching the lining and outer to make sure that while sewing the boning channels,
 the outer and lining stay where you want them.

Ready to sew the boning channels.

All the boning, eyelets and lacing.

Some of the pieces that I ordered where to long so I had to cut a "few"* down.
(* when I say a few, well.. I will get more into that in my next post...)

Two of the pieces cut down and ready to use.

Aren't they cute little baby boning? The smaller ones are only 3'' long.

The corset with all the boning channels sewn, washed to get the pen markings out and ready for the "final" steps.

And that's all for now folks!
Happy Corseting~

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  1. Wow it is looking so gorgeous! I have been in the mood to make a corset lately! Now I am really inspired!